Tuesday, June 10, 2014

.454 the creativity project :: storytelling

i grew up in a household where words were worth more than gold (both parents were writers), thus reading became everyone's favorite past time by default. thus, for this month's theme, i chose to dig through my figurative photo crates and pull out pictures of everything surrounding my favorite art form (surprise: not photography) and search for all things book related...

i do the same thing (and told him so)...when something is so greatly written, i have to write it down.
it will either serve as inspiration...or a really great quote.

please visit one of my favorite 'photography mothers', singwa lim, at buckeroomama to see her take on this month's theme. 
there is magic and wonder in the eyes of her children and she does a beautiful job at capturing it in their daily lives. 

afterwards, please join us and share your own 'storytelling' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page :)