Friday, December 12, 2014

.460 the creativity project :: family ::

the one thing i find most endearing about the lack of "personal space" needed when with them.

a mother kissing her child. 

an assuring smile between sisters. 

a daughter, unknowingly trusting, perched upon her father's shoulders.

:: intermission ::

i shot a large family reunion over the summer.

in between shots, i became transfixed with the two elders as they watched their family, trying to imagine what was going through their collective minds: 

"we did this. all of these children and grandchildren and great grands and great-great grands...we did it all")

:: end intermission ::

a mother fixing her graduate.

a hug from her tiny cousin who thinks she is magic.

a niece rests her chin on her aunt.

a father and son, nustle.

an uncle nibbles his niece.

a daughter climbs on her father.

a baby pacifies himself with his mother.

a grandfather talks to his (fussy) grandson.

"in every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future"
|alex haley|


please visit one of my favorite 'photography mothers', singwa lim at buckeroomama, to see her take on this month's theme. 
she is dynamic at capturing, both, the lives of her children and the pulse of the culture and street life bolstering around her. 

when you are finished with the circle, please join us and share your own 'family' themed images on the creativity project facebook page :)

(a wild-haired "usie" for the road)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

.459 :: 34th birthday ::

it's been such a while since i've posted a blog that wasn't for my photography group, that even posting this one feels odd. BUT - in an effort to lighten the shadow that looms on my heart from the NON-indictment that fell on my birthday, i am choosing to breathe in the moments that brought me peace on that day. the homemade cake, made from the hands of my mother and daughter, the handwritten card of my child and the sheer excitement she expressed in giving it to me, the pretty and comfy cardigan my mother bought for me and the time spent with one of my favorite people on earth (why, those awkward, "don't take a picture of me" portraits at the bottom were taken by him)...

because while this country continues to show me just how much it devalues me life, my family, lovingly, shows me it's worth.

Monday, November 10, 2014

.458 the creativity project :: art ::

bariq cobbs: living art.

chance meeting while riding the subway.

he played with toots and showed me his art
while we talked about art and life not being separate 
and i remarked in my mind that nothing in life is actually "by chance".



zsudayka nzinga. my fellow elephant. mother of my child's oldest sibling. 
she is strength in aries form and paints wounds and wars and love and life in every stroke of her being.

please visit fav the super talented madeline cedeno (maddy) over on her blog at 
and view her dope urban take on this month's theme (which is an awesome follow-up to mine own, actually, lol).

then, afterwards, please join us and share your own 'art' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

.457 the creativity project :: feet, hands, bodies, wrinkles, age::

i'm obsessed with human...touch.

self portrait taken from this tumblr post.

(this is toots' baby brother, tegan! how cute is he? his mother is now a sister to me)

please visit one of my favorite 'photography mothers', singwa lim, at buckeroomama to see her take on this month's theme. 

there is magic and wonder in the eyes of her children and she does a beautiful job at capturing it in their daily lives. 

afterwards, please join us and share your own 'body part' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page :)