Sunday, June 30, 2013

.326 day 293

a much needed day (more like 3 1/2 hours, but who's counting?) to myself and i did absolutely nothing. 

lies. i sort of did nothing. before i could actually begin said nothingness, i had to clean. ocd me needs extreme order and cleanliness for there to be peace (i swear, i can feel it in my dreams if an unwashed dish is left out in the kitchen). and, while my home never looks dirty, an extra spray of cleanser and a good ol' fashion mopping never hurt anybody (or hardwood floor, or marble counter-top). so, i got to work on my day of non-work until all the floors shined, each window gleamed and every unoccupied space glimmered with clean. and then (and only then) could i actually...relax. i cut my ringer off, drew my curtains closed and commenced to the sheer happiness that nothingness can bring.


cool, clean air
healthy food
raspberry lemonade
red nail polish
uk versison of shameless on 'netflix'


Saturday, June 29, 2013

.325 day 292

another instagram challenge post.
todays theme: in my bag

1. vintage leather pocket book: scored at  a random thrift shop, in a random part of town.

2. day planner: it's either this, or red string tied to my finger (i once forgot my child's birthday)

3. hershey kisses (with almonds): an orgasm in my mouth, addiction is an understatement.

4. change purse: yes, i am that person who holds up the line to fish out exactly 43 cents.

5. leather wilson wallet: last thing my father ever bought for me (he had uber style).

6. 7. 8.  promotional cards, pen and business cards for my website.

9. funky yellow glasses el bought for me to go with the funky blue glass i already own.

10. bic lighter: for reasons.

11. peace pipe: reefer remedies for the very few times brain meds are not enough.

12. mini composition book: because i jot stuff down...sometimes.

13. organic hand sanitizer: to cleanse organic bacteria, i'd imagine. 

14. lucky penny: "find a penny - pick it up - all your days - you'll have good luck"
(note: it must be heads up when you find it)
(double note: i change mines out whenever i find a new one)

15. brain meds: they change as symptoms either progress or decline.
 (amitriptyline and tramadol are the culprits currently numbing my entire nervous system)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

.322 day 289

call me a conspiracy theorist...but i refuse to believe that 'good year' is advertising in the hood. whenever i see this blimp (it was in my neighborhood for 3 consecutive days - one, of which, it just hoovered, without movement, for almost an hour) the "spook who sat by the door" in me, stands up.

"just because i'm paranoid, doesn't mean people aren't watching me"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

.319 day 286

when i take walks, my favorite subject to capture are humans. but when i drive, i become obsessed with the sky and the clouds and the way they wraps themselves around bodies of buildings. driving and shooting and human beings blurring by, and the sky never seeming to move at all. the day's storm etched it's own pictures in the crevice of the clouds, and i'd swear, if you'd asked me, i'd have said that i saw each moment that it stroked each line. i lived in settle awe today. planted, yet, floating. whenever there are days like this, i question how anyone could believe in no god. how anyone, with sight and pulse and and breathe and blood could believe that something this beautiful, doesn't come from something even more than that...

"i believe in god, except, i spell it nature"
[frank lloyd wright]

.318 fool me twice...

...(shame on me).

.317 gangsta turtle

this is a 'behind the scenes' video trailer i shot, documenting the week leading up to ellie's showing at mashed, a whyy event. i'll be making a more detailed, narrative, biopic of her explaining the concept behind her line's name, the process it takes to do her art and the life of a wife, mother, artrepreneur.

instrumental: the recipe, kendrick lamar

Thursday, June 20, 2013

.314 day 283




left: accidental photo shrine filled with images of my father | right: mail/key holder

fireplace isn't real. lights up and crackles like a real one, tho.


who said you can't have glass with a toddler in the house? 

i use to pick lavender all the time. now i plan to grow a garden full.

new parent 101: as soon as a grand-parent enters, your child will front on you.
also: my mother hates taking pictures (as you can see by her irritated facial expression)