Thursday, July 10, 2014

.455 the creativity project :: behind or under glass

our dining room is full of glass.

tables...mirrors...display cases and shelving units holding even more pieces of glass:

 wine glasses, fruit bowls, glass trinkets shaped like flowers, a wall made of glass, even the dining room table is rod iron, and you guessed


since all of it needed to be dusted (only realized when i peered through my lens)...i quickly cleaned the easiest pieces to clean, and shot those instead.
(i have a three year old. cleaning is my full-time job. no thank you to over-time)


i have no idea if it's the literary part of me that takes each theme so...literal, but as i was combing through images, instead of going with the theme as it was written...i was pulled to focus more on the subject matter as i never really shoot - glass. because of this month's challenge theme, i think i want to explore this arena a little more because it's just so darn pretty. 

i bet with the right lighting and different color glass...


*my mind is twirling with possibility*

the next photographer in our circle is one of my personal favs and personal friends, as well. 

also, her post is almost the exact the post i was going to do (from behind my car window) so i was extremely excited when i saw it. it's the perfect blend of street photography and candid portraits, both of which she excels at. she is extremely gifted at capturing the human spirit (little people especially) and this post is just another example of why.

 please visit the effervescent becky adams at and welcome her into your he(art)s like i have done mines :)

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