Thursday, February 6, 2014

.445 lazy hazy mornings

i swear she has her own room [le sigh] but mines is still her space of choice. 

(soft smiles)
so be it




  1. I love your pretty room color and the gorgeous love. You know how I love your little princess. Love. Love. Love. We both have red toenails right now. I had to have red because I was feeling so incredibly gloomy with the snow. I needed cheer : ).

    People that keep journals are my favorite kind.

    1. we are wearing red for similar reasons :) red is my drug of choice whenever gloomy weather or feelings approach. also, it makes me feel a bit more womanly when "motherly" overrides everything else...and while toots is presently on a mission to NOT sleep in her own bed....lawd, just pass me some nail polish to calm my nerves :P

      (last night she laid in her bed from 9-30pm - 2AM refusing to sleep, tired as all begeezus, but refusing to close her eyes until i eventually fell asleep and when i awoke...who was right next to me in my bed? le sigh. she's won again)

      people who keep journals...are MY favorite kind as well ;)
      (though...i've slacked off so much...i'm ashamed)

  2. Journals. Red. Colors. Your hair. All that.

  3. I was like that too, I wanted to be up in my momma's room....that mess was the spot when I was 1-3 years old.