Thursday, April 10, 2014

.452 the creativity project :: umbrellas

nope. i've got nothing. 

let me explain: i went out for some street canvassing and it seemed no one was carrying an umbrella. heck, i wasn't even carrying one and i was carrying a camera. 

then, i thought, i'll just wait until the next day it rains. but, as life goes (or luck will have it) "something came up" and you guessed it: i missed my moment.

then, i thought, i'll just take a picture with my toddler and one of her umbrellas and welp, as three year old moods will have it, she wasn't having it, thus, this was all i got before tantrums and emergency nap times kicked in. 

so, here you have it. experimental lighting and a dora umbrella folks. 


(i promise to do better next month)

let's keep our (slightly smaller this month but still) awesome circle going by visiting the eclectic dan beeler and his dynamic blog full of nature and photojournalism, jersey journal by DTB photography.

afterwards, please join us and share your own 'umbrella or rain' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page :)


  1. I love the shots with your baby's hand on the umbrella. I didn't capture enough details like that with my boy when he was little, and I regret it now that he's a teen. They grow so fast, and someday she won't want to hold a Dora umbrella!

  2. I love the shot with baby's hand and head poking though! It made me think of "Be Still" enjoy now! Oh ! Dora she makes everyone smile :)

  3. Even when you don't love your stuff...I DO! I am crazy about it. That first shot is fabulous. So you. Like, if I saw that in a newspaper, I would say my friend S. took that. I would just know.

    I miss you! Promise me we can get together soon. The park again? I would die of happiness! Plus, I have a special surprise for you! XO