Monday, February 9, 2015

.462 the creativity project :: red ::

my facebook has been deleted so this may very well be my last post with the group.
befitting that i should get to post one of my favorite types of "things" to shoot.

 if you follow me on instagram, then void of the stuff i tend to post here, my IG feed is full of my minimal view of the world.
so for this theme, indeed, it gave me simple pleasure, to sift through simple things, and seek out my least favorite color to wear, but favorite to capture.

please visit Tracy, the next photographer in the circle. 
she blends spirit, life, love in her art in every one of her posts and it that leaves you feeling that much lighter in the moments that you're there. 

when you are finished with the circle, please join us and share your own 'red' themed images on the creativity project facebook page :)


  1. So, your facebook is gone forever? OH NO! I love these simple splashes of red. My favorite is Toot's tiny fingers reaching for the berries. I don't want this to be your last post because your posts are always some of my most favorite. Sending love.

  2. I really hope that's not last time we see your beautiful images! And what happened with your Facebook?! I, for one, loved seeing your name pop up in my newsfeed because it meant I was going to learn something new today :)! I enjoy your point of view and how you see the world behind the lens and keyboard! Fingers crossed that FB figures it out!

  3. I could have been in a gallery looking at one beautiful print to the next. I love your work, my friend.

    Please not the last time... I will definitely miss you!

  4. Aw! #1, BOO about your Facebook page. #2, you managed to participate this month without FB, so we can't just let that stop you now! #3, I love the simplicity of these images. Love. I really have to remind myself to use negative space. It doesn't come naturally to me. #4, you are so kind. Thanks for being such an encourager. <3

  5. Okay, lets try this again. Twice it deleted my comment as I tried to send!
    No way this can be your last post. We'll have to make you a new one if we need to! I'm selfish and love to see your posts. We need to make it happen!