Tuesday, June 9, 2015

.465 the creativity project :: breakfast ::

me, the minimal breakfast eater, begets my inner, minimal, breakfast picture-taking...

a bagel. an apple. a glass of milk. a bowl of apple jacks. sometimes, a bowl of oatmeal (maple and brown sugar, only - always). a smoothie filled with fruits of every color. a mug of tea to soothe the soul. 44 blueberries exactly because i read that it calms a pending migraine. a bowl of almonds because i read they do the same. honey nut cheerios because they're taylor's favorite.  pineapple juice because it makes my insides feel good. yogurt topped with whipped cream because decadence, my weakness. and on the days my appetite wants to splurge, pancakes laced with cinnamon and drops of vanilla and sprinkles of brown sugar, butter and love all spread atop of them. and just what would breakfast be without breakfast dish water to top it all off? 


please keep the flow and visit, oh so very talented, Madeline Cedeno at her Mad Hearts blog 
to view her take on this month's theme. 

when you are finished with the circle, 
please join us and share your own 'breakfast' themed images on the creativity project facebook page :)


  1. This theme is right up your alley! I love it, S. I feel like we should have breakfast again soon. Whenever I see your photos I get excited to know that we share a lens that produces the wonder you create.

  2. I always enjoy visiting here... ALWAYS. I love your words, I love your images!

  3. Oh my goodness Shalana! I love your style, SO MUCH! I'm a minimalist wannabe. This just made me think I could be a breakfast eater after all. <3

  4. I am not sure which I enjoyed more, your words or your images! On point as always!

  5. Love it ! 44 blueberries noted ! I love the pineapple shot. Dole needs this image. You got such a wonderful way for me to always enjoy every single post. 😊