Monday, November 21, 2011

.06 as it was written

sooo...this month was national novel writing month and i tried unsuccessfully to take part in it. i had good intentions, wrote about 1000 words within the first hour of the race. but as time went on, life got harder, and time to write became one big mock at my initial attempt. (sigh) but i suppose all is not lost. i, at least, am on my path to finishing my novel (that i also started solely for the competition) so i guess, on some level, nanowrimo did exactly what it was supposed to do: push me.

i want the next great literary novel that oprah raves about to be my work. i want the type of book that gets worn from over-reading, that you take to the bathroom with you, that you sneak pages in while at work, or school, or church. the type of book you take a picture of even though no one else can actually see the words...

yeah, i need for my book to be that good.

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  1. thank you! i am just seeing this...just found out HOW to view comments! lol...i suck.