Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.07 pumped

i need to get back into all my shoes and clothes, like, pronto. i can't take it anymore. while i believe you are beautiful at whatever weight you are, i believe even more that you're at your most beautiful when you are comfortable in your skin...and my skin is used to being at least 50 pounds lighter. i wish to say goodbye to my newly found "womanly" curves and hello to the slender me i used to be just a year ago. taylor is nearing 10 months and due to withdrawal (weed, cigarettes, wine, etc.) recovery (brain surgery), family emergencies (financial crisis) and basic stress, my diet detour has gone on long enough. i long for the sexy feeling i used to get being naked. i was 4 months pregnant when i took this photo and it was the last time that i have worn heels, the last time i lay on my back, toes in the air, completely naked and felt completely delicious in my own skin.

this winter, i am bringing sexy all the way back.

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