Monday, August 11, 2014

.456 the creativity project :: home ::

home is where the heart is...

and mine has come back (for two weeks) on military leave from dubai.

twinkin. sibling. same b-day. three years younger is here and making my heart beats steady.

(bahrain money)

(pure frankincense)


he and toots have been "besties" since he's gotten here.
 her, following, foot to heel, every where that he goes. 
"uncle albie, do you want to color with me? uncle al, uncle al, uncle al..." 
a million requests at a time and he appeases, practically, every single one.

(she will be rotten by the time he leaves)

economically, the military has been good to him. 
but physically, it has been torturous. 

the eczema, on his hands especially, are taking a vicious turn in the climates and conditions they've forced him in.
military doctors are a joke and what it has done to his spirit is no laughing matter...

but home is also where the healing is. 

and we still have just a few more days of healing to do...

saying goodbye :(

 now that you've reached the end, 
please follow along in visiting the next photographer in our circle, my friend 
becky, over at and view her take on this month's theme.

i have followed the journey of their family's patriarch for some time, and this month she showcased his journey, beautifully.

afterwards, please join us and share your own 'home' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page!


  1. Beautiful post and images, as usual, S! Home is where the heart is. Absolutely,

  2. Oh my goodness! You look alike. What a great brother. I am glad he could visit. I pray for our military every day. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! May God bless him as he returns.

    Awesome post, as always.

    1. couldn't have asked for a better "twin", if we were actual "twins", lol...because of him i now realize what their sacrifices really are, because of him i now pray for them all and their families, too, because of him..."to be of service" means soooo much more to me...(and thank YOU, my love) xo

  3. Oh how sweet for him to come home to you! What a gift to everyone. That is exactly what I mean by hospitality. That bond he is making with your daughter is priceless for all of you. I love the way you captured every detail. Make sure he has the link. He is sure to come back for more healing. :-)

  4. I am beyond running behind when it comes to the Home posts; I am SO sorry for taking so long to get here. It was beyond worth it to come. Thank you is NEVER enough when it comes to those who willingly serve and sacrifice. Like Becky, I pray for our military, for those serving and for their families, who serve along side them with their own separate sacrifices. I am glad that Albie got to come home; I know how he must long for it while he's away. I think it's crazy cool that he brought you two out of the three "wise men" gifts... gold (money from Bahrain), and frankincense (how cool is THAT???). Now you just need some myrrh. :) And I love love love that he spent time with Toots. THAT is worth more than any treasure. I will be praying protection over him, mentally, physically, and spiritually, until he can finally return home for good. God's blessings on you all.. xoxo...

  5. WOW! I love the mug up in the air from hugs of LOVE to lets hold up the book! You always photograph the everyday in such strong - powerful ways that always makes my heart smile inside .. thanks for sharing friend ....