Monday, November 10, 2014

.458 the creativity project :: art ::

bariq cobbs: living art.

chance meeting while riding the subway.

he played with toots and showed me his art
while we talked about art and life not being separate 
and i remarked in my mind that nothing in life is actually "by chance".



zsudayka nzinga. my fellow elephant. mother of my child's oldest sibling. 
she is strength in aries form and paints wounds and wars and love and life in every stroke of her being.

please visit fav the super talented madeline cedeno (maddy) over on her blog at 
and view her dope urban take on this month's theme (which is an awesome follow-up to mine own, actually, lol).

then, afterwards, please join us and share your own 'art' themed images on the the creativity project facebook page :)


  1. The way you compose and present your images (in general, not just the ones in this post), the way you write --that's art. ..and it's a special, special kind of art. You have such a unique perspective on life that I love.

  2. I love all the wonderful color in all of your images and those awesome shoes!!! LUCKY guy! I love the drawing - coloring artwork on display . Is this all in your neighborhood ?It's a gem in the post that displays ART a great way!!!!!

  3. Now it isn't even right that you had an art expo to photograph for this theme! I am jealous! :D Great posts as always S!

  4. People making art, wearing art, enjoying art, considering art, BEING art. What a beautiful thing!

  5. These images of art are really incredible! I love that you were able to capture so many incredible things at the art expo! I LOVE the fun colors on sneakers lately. WOWZERS! Colors galore. I am really so thankful that you always take time to participate in our monthly themes. You always inspire me. Always. I would like to see and Toots again. The sooner, the better.