Wednesday, November 26, 2014

.459 :: 34th birthday ::

it's been such a while since i've posted a blog that wasn't for my photography group, that even posting this one feels odd. BUT - in an effort to lighten the shadow that looms on my heart from the NON-indictment that fell on my birthday, i am choosing to breathe in the moments that brought me peace on that day. the homemade cake, made from the hands of my mother and daughter, the handwritten card of my child and the sheer excitement she expressed in giving it to me, the pretty and comfy cardigan my mother bought for me and the time spent with one of my favorite people on earth (why, those awkward, "don't take a picture of me" portraits at the bottom were taken by him)...

because while this country continues to show me just how much it devalues me life, my family, lovingly, shows me it's worth.


  1. You are beautiful. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I was sad about the non indictment also. Devastated. I just don't understand. The one thing I do understand is this though: every day, I must strive to show kindness and love to every child that I encounter. I want people to meet me know that they do matter.

    I can't wait to see your family post. I love your heart. I love your outlook on life. You are a wonder.

    This is going to be your year. I just know it.

    1. may i just say...your love (specifically) is one of the very reasons i continue to tell people not to generalize. you are my friend. i love you. i know you. this country is not representative of every soul within it. what you said is what i feel. i can only continue to show love and BE love to all that i meet and hope that it will one day transfer in a way that surpasses the present energy of the world.

      i believe...our children are the answer. they are kinder than the older generation. and they will fight, yes, but they will LOVE harder than any of us.

      i have a feeling...that love is coming in full force in a way no one has ever seen.

      (((i love you)))