Friday, December 12, 2014

.460 the creativity project :: family ::

the one thing i find most endearing about the lack of "personal space" needed when with them.

a mother kissing her child. 

an assuring smile between sisters. 

a daughter, unknowingly trusting, perched upon her father's shoulders.

:: intermission ::

i shot a large family reunion over the summer.

in between shots, i became transfixed with the two elders as they watched their family, trying to imagine what was going through their collective minds: 

"we did this. all of these children and grandchildren and great grands and great-great grands...we did it all")

:: end intermission ::

a mother fixing her graduate.

a hug from her tiny cousin who thinks she is magic.

a niece rests her chin on her aunt.

a father and son, nustle.

an uncle nibbles his niece.

a daughter climbs on her father.

a baby pacifies himself with his mother.

a grandfather talks to his (fussy) grandson.

"in every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future"
|alex haley|


please visit one of my favorite 'photography mothers', singwa lim at buckeroomama, to see her take on this month's theme. 
she is dynamic at capturing, both, the lives of her children and the pulse of the culture and street life bolstering around her. 

when you are finished with the circle, please join us and share your own 'family' themed images on the creativity project facebook page :)

(a wild-haired "usie" for the road)


  1. I have never come over once and been disappointed. You have such a beautiful way of capturing people's spirit. I love tht you are able to capture so much heart and soul. It is very evident in your photos of humans. "The family is a haven in a heartless world." Christopher Lasch

  2. Holy Awesome! You never fail to show your heart and soul in your photos and I {heart} intermissions! <3

  3. I love all these photos!!! Such a powerful post of family , everyone being there for each other!!! always leaves me in ahhh..

  4. You never, EVER fail to amaze me, both with your incredible photography and your spot on perception. My creative bone seems to have taken a walk; may I please borrow yours? Just for a day, to feel what it's like to be so amazing.

  5. Lovely, lovely post --not just the photos, but the captions that went with each image. I love your unique and so spot-on perspective on life. You are special.

  6. Wow, I never really thought about not needing personal space when it comes to family. You sure captured that. What a lot of sweet, loving touches.

  7. Beautiful photos!!!! You're soooo talented!!!! I love the captions and it makes me all the more excited to be a parent!