Sunday, August 11, 2013

.359 day 335

i've been hiding in my photos.
journals, neglected and fading and wondering where my words have gone. 
i wish i had an answer for them. 

but if i had to take a guess, i'd say
that my need to write down what i'm feeling
left the moment that my daddy did.

i don't want to journal these emotions.
correction: i cannot journal these emotions.

so...i hide behind my photos.



  1. I'm officially mocking your blog. These photos of your journals are taking my breath...right now.

  2. My autocorrect is not as hood as I. I am not mocking your blog. I'm JOCKING your blog. :)

    1. awww, sis...your sentiments fill my most emptiest times
      (thank you for continuously being an aware vessel to my healing and growth)
      the moment i took these photos...and the purpose i took them...took my breath...too.

  3. Oh my. I can totally relate to this post. Thank you so much for the kind comment that you left on my blog. It brought tears to my eyes. I can relate wholeheartedly to your pain. I am hiding too. Behind my photos, behind my work, behind life in general. Sometimes it's easier than feeling the grief of losing my dad. I miss him more than words can express, and I feel so lost as to how to move forward. I am trying to journal in the evenings about the last few months that we spent together. It is therapeutic, and at the same time so painful. I don't want to forget the days that we shared together before he left. Thank you for reaching out, and for sharing. I appreciate it more than you know.