Saturday, August 31, 2013

.380 day 355

bare me. ratty t-shirt and hair pulled back. a forced fast from specific technologies. my phone, my computer, getting way too much of my energy. i began on this day. no junk foods. exercise. yoga. morning prayers. stillness. being 'present' with my toddler, versus, just

there is a line in one of my favorite films (2 days in pariswhere marion, a french photographer, says, "by constantly taking photos, you're taking yourself out of the moment". you're removed from the experience because you're solely viewing it through a lens. on some level, i agree. there must be balance. a way to savor and snap your experiences from a distant, yet, immediate place. on another level, i don't. as i've been able to see some moments in such a light, it's like seeing them for the very first time.

this challenge is/was great. its forced me to experience life, daily, through a lens. but not so great when i am overly concerned with meeting my quota and not as concerned with seeing things at all. so...i took a necessary break. i still snapped daily and jotted down a few words down for memory sake, but i didn't edit and i didn't upload. un-synced my instagram and deleted every social app from my off of my phone. 7 days letter, i am returning to this challenge, as it's nearing its end, to begin to say goodbye to it. i'm excited. my blog will just be my blog again. no challenges. no format. no conformity. no rhythm. and most importantly for the sagittarius in me: no commitment.

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  1. I feel you sis. I have a similar challenge, but with poetry. A poem a day for 2013. Today is day 251. "I am looking forward to my blog just being my blog again." Thank you for including us on your journey.