Saturday, August 24, 2013

.373 day 348

pre-run of my block's upcoming flea market was cut short due to the massive amount of bees swarming above us. a hive, bigger than a basket ball, teetering pretty close to falling, went undetected by anyone for the entire summer. undetected, until now, due to it's weight pushing a branch it's built upon lower to human view. if it falls, we're all up shits creek. a hive this large houses hundreds, close to one thousand, bees at a time, bees that will be hella pissed at whoever is closes when it drops. so, we packed up what didn't sell and postponed 'til after labor day. toots is probably the only one super happy about that, as she was boldly reluctant about selling toys and cars and clothes she's grown out of to anybody. 

i was able to get a picture of the cutest, furriest baby bee on a flower bed in the front of my lawn. 
i've never seen a baby bee until now. they don't even have stingers, yet.

we call her 'cousin essie'. not due to actual relation, but to her southern flare of familiarity. 

jeffrey a.k.a mystikal
(i wonder if he tires of me calling him that)

if there is any neighborhood pow-wow in the morning, you're sure to find kim with a mug of coffee in her hands.

finally got a picture of kim's illusive teenager, c.j. 

yup, good ol' uncle harold again. 
we're headed to my cousin-in-laws birthday dinner as soon as i get dressed.

(if i can focus enough to actually do so)

the first leg of revamping these boring canvas slip-ons. 
i added that button today, by tomorrow, they will be a whole different pair of shoes.
pics coming soon.

update: click 'here' to see finished product.

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