Thursday, October 4, 2012

.041 day 31

melrose station. the place i went from child to teen then back again. where i walked train tracks, and sat beneath platforms, alone, when adolescence became unbearable. where i flattened pennies and smoked weed, and played chicken with on-coming trains.

this photo was purposeful. transitions becoming commonplace, as of late, i went there, to the place where childhood said goodbye, to simply say hello again. felt a jolt of sadness when i saw how much 'change' had settled in. there were steps now, and foreboding tracks below and glaring yellow warning signs on newly built platform edges. this place, my space, no longer feeling familiar, yet, still housing secret parts of me. proof, that even if you want to go backwards, the past no longer exists, and 'forward' ones only true option. 

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