Tuesday, October 30, 2012

.69 day 57

dear hurricane sandy: hasn't haiti dealt with enough?

i ventured outside today. cabin fever settled in and my emotions moved faster than this storm's sudden wind. saw toppled lawn chairs, and trees, but nothing alarming to signal a hurricane had passed. i suppose i am lucky. i am blessed. i am fortunate. but for sure, i am grateful. i am dry. my child is safe. worst residual lying within the confines of shady internet and cell phone service. i say a prayer for the soul's who have passed, and the souls left behind to mourn them. then, i look to the trees, and smile, for they are resilient. standing strong through the worst of weathers, worst of life, while holding secrets and history in the palm of their branch. they keep me hopeful. they keep me striving. they keep me strong. my silent theme music, my goal in life, to simply learn to live life as a tree. 

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