Saturday, October 20, 2012

.058 day 47

she's a full fledged toddler now. says whole phrases and repeats every word you say...even the bad ones. thus, mommy has learned to become more creative when cursing random ish out in her life. "if you don't move that fraggle-rockin' car out of my way, i swear to beans, trouble will be had". ha! guess the ass-whoopin' that follows this foolery will have to suffice for my daily dose of know, as, my child has made me full fledged PG, and all.


  1. You're gonna start saying "sugar honey iced tea" soon

  2. My daughter is always reminding me not to cuss around the grands because Boris is repeating my favorite words, lol!!

  3. yea my son was saying eff it for a while... of all the things i sd to his father, that's what he chose to repeat... at daycare! lol.

    she adorable!