Tuesday, October 9, 2012

.046 one yourself.

everyone believes that their special (cause they are). everyone believes that no one can understand them (because they can't). everyone believes that they are all alone in the world, in how they feel, how they think, how they love (and they ARE, for there is only one you).'s the thing, beloved: there is only one 'them'...too. 

humans are naturally self-absorbed. the sooner everyone gets that they are not the only one to feel this way, and validate any and everyone else who feels this way, the sooner we can all get the fuck over ourselves and be of true value to the world. when god created you...and your gifts...he created others...and their well.

lessons for today:
- you cannot tell someone who thinks they know EVERYTHING - anything.
- if you constantly tell the people around that you are all alone, they will let you be just that.