Monday, March 11, 2013

.207 day 184

why i love these photos:

1. same flower


2. only one of them was taken today. 


3. both were taken in two completely different places. 

(and yet)

4. the lighting is almost identical.

this flower was a gift of gratitude from a stranger i met while walking the other day. a tiny ball of open cheerfulness, made more pronounced from the beer she admitted to drinking (she's supposed to be quitting), the magnetism of her energy was undeniable. a late forties, to early fifties, sagittarius, full of love, laughter and seemingly pointless banter, we became instant stranger friends. she complimented the coat and hipster white glasses i wore, as we passed each other, and i turned and complimented her awesome hair color. all which led to us beginning a random conversation, which led to me giving her my white glasses, which led to her giving me this flower, which led to a hug that was needed by us both. 

she took a picture of me to store in her phone, along with my number, and i did the same, vowing to keep in touch in the realest ways...

(but, we're two sagittarius, so...we'll see)

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