Saturday, March 16, 2013

.212 day 189

anyone who knows me, knows my love of color. anyone who knows me, knows  even more my love of patterns, designs, and the perfected placement of such. my older sister has mastered such perfection in her home. i literally have a photogasm every moment i enter. and, while, i have yet to take pics of all the tiny details that i love (things like the funky metal hinges of her kitchen cabinets, or the modernly retro silver knobs of her faucet) i couldn't resist capturing just a bit of her essence to take home with me during my impromptu visit the other day. 

about my sister kakima: she's a gemini. she's beautiful. she hilarious. she's witty. she's straight-forward and will tell me how she feels regardless of how i take it. she has our father's entire face, and happens to have just as much of my entire heart. i stare at her sometimes just wanting to kiss her forehead like i used to kiss his. and if she wasn't wearing a scarf, and in uber lounge mode (she kept putting her hand up) this post would be plastered with her face, just as much as it is her funky fresh home decor.


  1. Dope home indeed. You both have an eye for all things fun and funky it seems.

    1. she doesn't think she does, though, lol...funny how we never see ourselves as grand as others see us.