Wednesday, March 27, 2013

.224 day 199

i've been spending a lot of time with ellie (in comparison to our normal routine) lately. and i truly believe that our on again/off again friendship has finally found it's balance. in love with the idea and process of combining our individual arts (and the raising of our babies), we have been working and creating together (yet, separately) in, both, the novel and (re) branding of our chosen hearts..

today, we worked on basic collateral footage for the video promo i'm creating for her. after spending time carousing and shooting at her favorite fabric store. we came back to my house, set up in front of my favorite green wall, and did few, quick sound bites before ending our creatively fueled, expeditious-type day...


  1. I look at every blog email of yours, each day... don't always get to comment, but I'm looking. With my looking ass! <3