Saturday, March 9, 2013

.208 michelle's bridal shower

té ' posted a video snippet of a bridal shower i shot last summer on my fb page and it has my creative juices simmering. realizing that i rarely post shoot photos...

(partly due to time. i am only able to edit, both, client works and my own, when toots is either napping or sleep for the night. presently: she has a horrible stomach virus, which means i/we shall be in the house/bed all day long for the next two days. work and artistic play will fill the spaces whenever my sweet, ailing toddler is asleep again...which is pretty often. if she isn't asleep...she's vomiting. violently.)

...i decided to post, both, the video and a few shots from that day. hired, last minute, by the bride's best friend and wedding planner, beatrice, my day began in peaceful chaos. down a proper lens for the dark cathedral-like space, i end up buying a used, wide angle tamron lens (presently for sale) that cost more than my pay from said shoot, early that morning. thus, my new camera, out for repair, left me in a tedious tangle of "on again, off again" shenanigans with my old one.

this was the first shoot i did since child birth and brain surgery and death of my father pausing life as i'd known it. the first time i entered the world again since i'd acquired a new kind of weight that stuck to the soul as much as it did the body. was it's imperfections. the guests were happy and loving and laughing and i felt at ease, despite the initial set-backs. michelle's smiles are infectious, and her love was so abundantly present in the faces of her fellow thespians, life-long friends and devoted family members. all, so beautifully gathered to honor her.if you want to know somebody...just look into the eyes of those who love them most...

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