Saturday, April 13, 2013

.241 day 216


when personal creativity dampens a bit. all my energy is thrust into the current project and little is left over for independent adventures. these current projects equate to as many shoots as i can do weekly. 

(i need to move. preferably out of the state. to do so requires enough of a financial nest egg, to hold us while toots and i assimilate to whatever new culture we'll be in)

recently, i've acquired a few new clients who made me test my comfort levels. 

everyone isn't a fan of "artistic expression". some folks just want plain ole photos, light on the artsy fartsy stuff. now, the old me, proclaiming to stay true to my craft, all-out refused to work with clients not on the same accord as i. after-all, i started working for myself to do what i love, not what someone else loves. but now that i am a mother, primarily a single mother, my art and business are one and the same.

and i found...that in everything.

one client wanted angled photos of intersections for a project she was working on. quite boring, but it gave me a whole new perspective on angled shooting. another client was a straight, black and white, no grey area stock broker, who specifically told me to "not get fancy" (yes, that kind of 'no grey area' guy). he didn't even smile the entire shoot. but, i learned how to make a wrinkle or a mole stand out and smile for him. and yesterday...i shot a bishop (ha! like with a gun. i shot the sheriff...the deputy...and a bishop) and now...i'm ├╝ber excited to explore new avenues in the religious arena.

anyway, this long, drawn out post isn't about much. these are toot's new kicks. i am super digging them, and even considered shelling out the $80 for a pair for myself. but i digress...i'm  thirty-two years old. i wear flat-rider boots, fitted jeans and blazer jackets %90 of the time. ballerina flats and thin, leather sandals, my summer/spring crave. in fact, unless they are chuck taylors, there is just no place a pair sneakers would fit in my life. 

ha! i actually laugh at the thought...

this was the most random post...ever.

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