Wednesday, April 24, 2013

.253 day 227

co-working on my new site since 10 this morning (exhausted).
didn't remember to take my challenge photo until 5 this evening (yet, excited).

my favorite amethyst quartz crystal, with splashes of lilac hidden within, beckoned to me from atop my dresser. the perfect subject to place upon the pretty purple, plastic table cloth i got from lwucc last sunday. i set up up station, carefully placed the stone down, breathed lightly...then, watched as my toddler came running in from her playroom to show me the bug that she found (which was actually just a piece of lint) and stop dead in her tracks when she spotted the glimmering piece of "ice" (as she called it). and once she touched it and didn't feel the cold of ice, it became a diamond.

"oooh, mommy, wook, wook! a diamond!"

and so it is. just as rare, just as valuable (to me), but not nearly as bright as the glimmer in my daughter's eyes as she held it high in the air, catching sunlight and skylight colors and painting pretty patterns on our walls. (smiles) i'll just have to get my pictures another day...

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