Friday, May 10, 2013

.269 day 242

i was around the age she is now, when she was born. 

first born grandchild, the princess of the six (soon to be seven), of them all. sierra, the light-hearted leo. my mother called her "si-woo-woo" as an infant, simply "woo" as she got older. and even though i had a first-hand view of it happening, i am still in shock at the brilliantly beautiful, young woman who stands before me. 

she was born magnificent. a head full of thick, curly hair, and a smile that never seemed to leave, she was the happiest baby i'd ever seen. i was, and still am, absolutely in love with her. she made everyone fall just the same.

from the time she was two-weeks old, we were close. weekends at our house, holidays at hers, she reinvented our family. i adored her, kissed and hugged and showered her, with all the love in the world. she was, and grows even more so, a rare child. so loving and kindhearted, and the most sweetest, honest spirit, one feels blessed to ever meet. i can't even remember a time where she ever got "in trouble", for she wasn't that type of child. naturally smart, she loved to do math problems, out of workbooks bought by grandma, in her spare time. when she was in junior high, she discovered her talent of writing and her gift of song. she wrote a book. she joined the choir. and had a bunch of friends who felt the same way about her, that we did.

and here she stands. my woo, soon to be seventeen. my inspiration, heading off to junior prom (capa). my kind soul, still housing that same peaceful spirit that we all fell in love with years ago. i want to cry, but i don't. instead, i fall in line with the rest of her/our family and smiled that smile that says, both, "where did my baby go and i'm so proud of where my baby's going" all in the same...glimmer. 

(dear woo: i love you)

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