Sunday, May 26, 2013

.285 day 258

i never speak about my relationship with tootie's father.

partly because, unlike the typical "don't ask, don't tell" policy i put in place for all my past relationships, té and i courted an extremely public "romance". so when things went south, in ways you wouldn't believe, even if i had the heart to tell you, i retreated back into my old way of social living: it's nobody's business. in fact, it never was. 

(that was my first mistake)

however, one sunday, possibly this sunday, he mentioned to me that i never tag him in any photos. that never do i post portraits i take of him, or of him and toots, up anywhere, online...and he is right. i lost a lot of friends because of the illegitimate and downright "lifetime movie" way he and i got together. lost even more as the relationship progressed and seclusion became my 'go-to' safe haven. i am still recovering from revelations, still piecing together parts of a never-ending puzzle that has no boarders. it's all too much. too much to address publicly...ever.

i do not believe in half-truths. 

to talk about the dissolution of our relationship would require me to, either, hold back the details of some rather cryptic and strange moments of said union, or release it all with no regard to, both, public or private backlash. the former would cause me ill feelings, the latter would cause him the same. i keep the peace by narrowly walking the neutral ground that lies in the "in-between".

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