Monday, May 13, 2013

.272 day 245

it was a slow and quiet day. random trip to the doctors with my mother and baby in tow. our recent rides together are becoming a staple. today, i read two grim articles from the daily newspaper as she drove, toots intercepting every few moments to gleefully scream out "wook, wook, mommy, ganma, wook" to any bus or truck or roaring motorcycle that passed us by. 

but this doesn't last long. car rides are like cryptonite to little people, and soon she was lulled to sleep as old school r&b trailed in the background. dee dee (my mother) talked about random facts from her, from our, family history, while i edited photos on my laptop, occasionally chiming in with fact checking questions and semi-awed sentiment. she doesn't know it, but i low-key love when she's in this zone. and family and and history and bloodlines becoming better and more brilliant than anything i'd ever been taught...

i smile. there is a giggle in my heart, the warmest glow in my stomach. i picture this same scene, three generations of women, ten years from now, adding to and sharing more of those familial stories of history and bloodlines and brilliance...

using macguyer methods to fix my chain that toots popped.

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