Friday, September 6, 2013

.386 day 361

a bright-eyed three year old was mean to my two year old.
i played a 'guess my name' game with an eight year old named marie.
buried my toes in cool sand and found valueless treasures by my side.
"aww man", pouted marie, "i thought i was on to something"

(an empty swing swung by itself for quite a while)

a hippy with unruly hair passed the brightest blue eyes down to his cowrie shell wearing babies.
an african woman read the bible, with her shoes off, unaware of her youngest child's mischief.
i made up with that three year old, but my two year old did not.
"go away, gal, just go away from here", spat my toddler.

(i smelled my father's scent in the breeze today)

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