Wednesday, September 11, 2013

.391 socks & dots

i cherish the peace of our mornings.

eyes fresh and opened, and kisses and and snuggles, our greeting, and 'good morning, i love you', whispered into each of our ears. equally excited to see each other after a night of dreams carried us to separate worlds. we lie a bit before rising, her curled into my ribs, my face buried into her hair, inhaling each other while we make blissful banter about beautiful nothingness. somewhere between stretching and yoga, teeth brushing and face washing, tower building and book reading, i ask her each morning, what she would like to eat today.

this morning she wanted (vegan) sausages. this morning i wanted toasted croissants. this morning we chose to compromise, so this morning we had both. she on top of counters stacking bowls or banging drums, or simply sitting on the floor, between my legs, counting polka dots while i cook. we eat downstairs at the breakfast nook, her telling me stories about dragons and kites and sometimes monsters, and me pumping her up for whatever errand or outing or arts & crafts activity we have planned for the day. and each morning i smile while we eat, noting that between toddler terrible two'ness and boundary testing tantrums, she is utterly, most assuredly, my life's most purest, sweetest, moment to live in... 



  1. I love this. Your love for each other and those croissants that look almost as good as your long legs...almost

    1. i love you.
      (she makes me understand "love")
      them croissants ain't got nothin' on these hams of mine!