Tuesday, September 24, 2013

.395 paix

i haven't been blogging as much since the challenge ended but i have been living in art. small pockets of time in my days gives way to small pockets of space and even smaller pockets of opportunity. my initial seven day break from technology re-instituted settle habits from my life that i've missed for some time. read four books that inspired me, watched three films that fed my  spirit, two documentaries that reignited my desire for life

i've began journaling again, slowly, purposefully, dutifully. within one recent entry a few significant thoughts revealed themselves. if i can discipline and dedicate myself to a project as minute, yet necessary, as that co-challenge was, then i can implement that same energy into personal projects that produce more fruit and longer harvests for i and my child. i also realized that i work 7x better when there are small deadlines involved. neurotic by nature, it only makes sense to give myself goal lines to obsess about, and thus, obtain much quicker and much easier.

indeed, these past few days have been peaceful. 'salt watered cleaned' my crystals and sat them in sunlight, ran cold water over stones given to me by sister talibah and found my father's quran, still perfumed by his scent. ate fresh blueberries alongside my littles as we danced in the spots where sun rays painted the floor and i was even able to do a bit of website grooming while building a tower made of books and puzzles and plastic 'leap frog' letter blocks. i smile to myself. this place is not so bad at all. no, i am not where i want to be, but i am exactly where i need to get there.

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