Wednesday, November 6, 2013

.428 copacetic

enter scene. toots watching from backdoor, fingers pressed to fogging glass, sticking head out sporadically to inhale the breath of brisk air. my mechanic, chill, moving furiously, attempting to bring me salvation before he headed off to work. me, resigned to not resigning to anything, trailing his tracks, foot to foot, like corny jokes and stalking would make up for the many frantic calls i placed to him.

"if you wanna make god laugh, make plans"

a whole day of scheduled plans got erased when, after my jeep's battery died, and after my mechanic came over to jump said battery, it decided to insult our timely efforts and die again. my mother, a community ward leader tending to poll duties, was unavailable to help, my mechanic's schedule was even tighter than hers and my neighbor and friend had driven the family jeep to work, so immobility became the theme of the day. i emailed my 12:00 client to inform her that i had to reschedule (and that i would be doing so for a, now, discounted price) and took off toots and my clothes and commenced to making the best of an unexpected situation: a free day. 

i spent the bulk of it with a phone glued to my ear while i allowed toots to spill, clutter and sprinkle any and everything onto the floors. a four hour convo with him, a two hour convo with her, and sporadic conversation with them made me feel like a school girl again, pre-responsibility and forced maturity, where gossip and giggling colored in the background noise. all in all, it was a pretty calm day. we read some books, washed some clothes, took a bath and ate some garlic soaked brussels sprouts that would make you slap your momma. meh. doesn't make for a very entertaining post, but it did make for a very needed, very welcomed, mental day of rest. love. light. and pickle juice...


  1. Ahhhhh, I love your blogging. I had this experience recently with my mechanic. I called repeatedly and each message after the next was more panicked, when I finally saw him I acted like my jokes were supposed to make it cool. Love it. My car guy is Jack. Chill is way cooler.

  2. !!! your comments always make me (((happy)))!!! i ADORE chill. i refer him to everybody. so honest.
    and he treats women like he would his mother, or sister, or daughter, or wife, or mistress.
    he helped me find my jeep, lovingly going with me to dealers and checking under hoods for certainty.
    now, he can't get rid of me. if my car, so much as, stutters, i call him...(secretly, because he's cooler than penguin poop).

  3. If ANY man treats you like he would his mistress then he is surely a keeper!