Friday, November 1, 2013

.425 hallow hypocrisy

there's nothing hallow about halloween anymore. in fact, like most christian or american traditions, it has become grossly misdirected: bunnies and easter egg hunts replaced feasts and festivals for hebrew liberation, santa claus and christmas trees replaced the celebration of jesus christ, candy corn and costumes replaced honoring the dead, of both, saints and sinners. and this capitalistic country benefits the most from all of our mass produced sentiments. 


that is not what this post is about. 
this post, dear friends, is about me happily becoming a hypocrite.

it's about enjoying a warm day, with even warmer people, disguised as ghoulish monsters or fairy princesses or overtly sexual law enforcement. it's about spending time with my littles, who eagerly awaited the day for "tricky treasures" (her words). it's about me debating on whether or not to allow her to knowingly partake in the festivities this year (she was a year old last halloween, and clueless to it all. so, outside of a gifted costume, our day went on as normal). it's about me relenting and recycling her last years costume, just to see sheer happiness burst out of her eyes.

(that's right. i recycled her costume. she didn't even know she was wearing one, then, and was all to happy about being a pumpkin, now)

we didn't really "trick-or-treat" in the traditional sense. random errands begat candy from joyful employees at, both, rite aid and 7-11. then, we went over to my godmother's house where ne-ne (my not-so-baby cousin) piled even more goodies into her bag and tisha, my god-sister, topped it off with a brand new toothbrush. afterwards, we headed back home to stop over my friend, and neighbor, kim's house, where she had individual goodie bags waiting for toots and the adorable twins, kayla and jordan who live down the street (they were fairy princesses). we stayed there a while, kim and i talking, toots and bootsie (kim's pug) fighting over candy while trick-or-treaters came in doves (toots helped aunt kim pass out treats). 

all-in-all, it was a nice day. toots enjoyed herself and even got to eat some sugary snacks she's (almost) never allowed to eat on normal days. i enjoyed myself and even allowed myself to eat some sugary snacks i (almost) never eat on normal days and my awesome gifted lens (thank you, becky, again and again!) had it's first field trip day. 

(((yay to the day)))


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