Thursday, November 7, 2013

.429 out and about

still no vehicle. borrowed my mother's car to forfeit online shopping for in-store shopping and air. i forgot that in-store shopping, oftentimes, means toots trying on anything she can grab, while crying for ballet shoes versus boots and me buying extra ish that she and i could probably do without. we didn't go many places. target for 'funky' (out of stock) boots...old navy for 'every day' boots and the market for juice...and strawberries...and veggies saugsages...and - oh, are those hershey kisses on sale? yup, i'll take those, too. we saw a yellow buggy and some people on a roof and a guy being overly contemplative about sour cream. womp-womp.

oh - and we got stuck in rush hour traffic...because WHO DOESN'T LOVE RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC?!!! 


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  1. I love your day trip! I have a little extra time tonight so I am going to try to work on some of your angel's pictures! : ). I think the sour cream aisle is a VERY good place to be contemplative. I wonder if he is thinking about how the price of milk is going up : ).