Wednesday, January 22, 2014

.440 happy b*day tyti ❤

my baby cousin, tytiana, turned 12 and had a epic, "turn down for what" type of party that i am sure she will remember for years to come. truthfully, i didn't even know who the dollar boyz was until this party and i am still a bit perplexed by their fame. yet, the moment they hit the stage, tweens, dripping with neon jewelry from fingers and arms and necks and ears, screamed and twirled and cried out excitedly as a group of hip-hop youngsters danced rhythmic circles around bass infused beats pumped out by a dj perched in a corner. it was überly awesome, this party was, and exceptionally exhausting. we came. we saw. we danced. we glowed. and when all was said and done, we had a blast and a half with not a bit of energy left over!



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  1. I never heard of the dollar boyz but I have heard of Tati : ).
    I am so glad you had a fun time!
    You know how to have lots of fun times.
    Glow on, sister, glow on!