Friday, January 10, 2014

.439 the creativity project :: fresh

blogger update: i have a confession. 

i've been feeling pretty glum. it wasn't until i posted this blog and went thru some of the others, did my energy, even, pick up a bit. 
it seems this theme was pretty ideal in giving me a "fresh" new perspective in dealing with same recent familiar emotional setbacks. 
for that, i am grateful. for that, i am reminded, that each day, each moment, is a novel one for us to start fresh and just...begin...anew.


who doesn't love the first day of fresh snow?  philly was briefly full it of last week...


keep the circle going and visit scarlett from house of emery to view her creative take on this month's theme (xo)

got a 'fresh' capture (or two or three) of your own to share? 
post it on the the creativity project's facebook page the entire month long :)


  1. Great take on "Fresh" ! Such a cutie and I can almost smell the Johnson's baby powder!

  2. I love your shots and your interpretations for Fresh. Made me chuckle when I got to the Johnson's baby powder shot. ...and your little one is such an absolute sweetheart! :)

  3. Beautiful take on fresh I love the different images you used!

  4. your compositions are always so wonder filled!

  5. i love all these great moments you've captured. For some reason the shower curtain rings really jumped out for me and obviously I love that little munchkin. Such a great take on Fresh.

  6. Fresh. To. Death.
    Love this post.
    Love the baby.
    Tell her to stop growing right this instant.
    Happy Friday to 2 of my favorite girls in the whole city.

  7. I love ALL of these! The baby... oh my word. The memory of the smell of baby powder.. ahh! So much fresh goodness here...

  8. There is nothing like the sweet face of our child to help get us out of our funk.
    The FRESH snow is delightful with your little one in the photos.

  9. Awesome job ! Love how crisp, sharp and fresh all your images turned out !! Have a fantastic new start into the ndw year!

  10. Nothing is fresh like J&J Powder & Dove soap! I love the smell :) And I love your baby girl - she is gorgeous :)

  11. I love your photos. I now want to snack on blueberries - they looked soo good.

  12. The last two pictures look like the Day After Tomorrow LOL, I'm from ATL so any snow pic looks like the Day After Tomorrow. Dope pics+