Tuesday, January 28, 2014

.442 philadelphia orchestra

 greatest lesson i consistently learn from tiny people: roam free

because all toddlers are natural born rebels.
because life's too short to keep off the grass.

women, too, have mastered the art of "tinkling" while we stand.


  1. Stop it right now. I love your adventure. I am a little bit worried about the $37 coffee. YIKES! I guess when you just buy 1 pound bags it is $9.99 so $57 isn't really that much! It just looks like a lot.

    I had to pee standing up today. I was on a school visit (Pennell, do you know that school off Ogontz near Broad?) and the only bathroom in working order on the first floor was the kindergarten bathroom. The little seats were all the way near the floor. It was so cute actually. I thought about taking a picture, but reigned myself in!

    I have a surprise for you that will make you die of happiness. I will call you soon.

    1. omg. i would NEVER pay that for coffee! (1st reason being: i don't drink coffee, lol...the taste is divine, the bubble guts that follow, not so much) i don't even think i noticed the price. i just noticed the word "brazil" and got caught in a moment of wanderlust. funny what two people see in the same moment, no?

      off ogontz...near broad. is it a charter school?

      i absolutely loathe public restrooms. i have an unhealthy fear of "crabs" leaping off of the seats from some urban legend i heard way back in highscool that never left my psyche *shudders*...but the ones in reading terminal marketplace are so clean and bright it's impossible to resist not taking a photo of any kind. i mean...what person with a camera at hand can actuallly resist "white lighting"?

      looking forward to your call :) toots still asks for you at random times and it's so randomly cute. "can we see becky"? during those moments, i simply whisper a prayer and wish you well in hopes that you can feel that you're being thought of lovingly...