Friday, January 31, 2014

.443 l u n c h .

trader joe’s has this japanese fried rice 
[with edamame (soybean), tofu and hijiki seaweed]
that is a godsend for, both, timing and nutrition in my home. 

toots loves it. she picks out all the beans and eats them first every time.
i generally make it for lunch as a main dish, sometimes paired with sliced apples or raw spinach on the side, when i have a lot on my plate.
(corny pun fully intended)

dear busy moms: i recommend this. it's vegan. it takes 10 minutes on the stove and all you need is olive or vegetable oil. 
(*note: you can add meat or egg or anything you want. it doesn't have to stay vegan if that's not your thing)

1 comment:

  1. I buy the fried rice from their without the tofu. I can literally eat the entire bag. I love it so much. I am afraid to check and see how many servings that is. : (

    I have been praying that I wouldn't like food so much. It hasn't been working.

    Love, Fat Becky