Monday, November 5, 2012

.076 day 63

"we will build highly successful laundromats in under-served communities which allow us to reinvest in and uplift the communities we serve"

a spa of laundromats. an unexpected oasis. owned by two brown men who look much like my father, my brother. my lover. a concierge greets each guest at the door, scooping large bags of clothes out of trunks and backseats, while pleasantly acting as tour guide for first time washers. adorned with wood paneled stations and black marble surfaces, it's filled with chrome washing machines, leather massage chairs and a small cafe to greet you when you enter. flat screens hang from walls, while computer stations line them. as i wash, i sit at one of the tall, stylish tables in the carpeted lounge area, surrounded by 'grab toy' machines and mini arcades, for both, children and adults, alike. the pale green walls hug me. fashioned with a large flat screen television at it's center, for adults, and a smaller one to the side streaming kiddie movies and shows for children, it's a peaceful place to be while one tends to a seemingly mundane chore. 

of all the random ish i shot in here, this one is my favorite. toots had no idea we were doing housework and i am sure she thought our blanket washing outing was orchestrated solely for her enjoyment. i like this place. so much so, i silently wished i had more dirty clothes, just so i didn't have to leave so soon...

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