Wednesday, November 28, 2012

.101 day 86

i'm in love with her. i still kiss each each toe and eyelid and tips of nose and fingers. lie down beside her and sniff (she smells like baby and bliss and a day worth of powder and play) when she's sleeping. wonders if she knows just how ridiculously loved she is. i adore her. watching every teeny tiny thing about her when she's playing, i study her. the intense way she decides just where to place random toys around the room, palm on chin, forehead scrunched (she's such a silly and serious soul). i light when she discovers something new that  she can do, like push chairs up to dressers, tables, desks, to explore new worlds she couldn't reach before. or when her squeals fill the space we share anytime she sees familiar things from her growing mind. cat. dog. plane. horsey. bus. the letters, A, B, C, E, T, A, B, R, S, K and Y (11 out of 26 ain't bad at all). The colors green and red. her favorite phrases "oh nooo" (future thespian, perhaps?), "ewww, that's nasteee" (to anything wet, slimy or otherwise) and of course, good ol' fashion "moooomeeee" (yes, yes, YES to whatever she wants!). she's mischievous...and brilliant...and quirky...and fiercely independent in her desires. my amazing little aquarius. a beautifully strange, soul. i'm her biggest fan. and i reckon, that will always be so... 

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