Sunday, November 18, 2012

.091 day 76

i used to date myself. pre-toots and motherhood, whole days were spent in solitary bliss. at least once a month, i pampered myself. spa. movies. dinner. dancing (if i felt fancy). people watching in random caf├ęs. sunflower picking on south street. back when the flowers were bigger, brighter, fuller and deteriorating atmospheres not easily seen.

these days i  date toots. some days, dressed to the nines, just to make it all surreal. breakfast, lunch or dinner with deliciously healthy foods and the greatest of conversations. she makes me laugh til eyes water and cheeks hurt and engages me in the most profound conversations of baby banter spewed wisdom. 

vegan chik'n ceasar salad. $11.
watching toots tediously pick out all of the croutons with an exaggerated "ewww" as she places each on a napkin beside her? priceless.

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