Thursday, November 15, 2012

.088 day 73

at my favorite spa laundromat again. 
(read why here)

the colors in here, both, excite and calm me all in one. toots thinks it's her personal playground. i think it's my personal spa. either way, it's the perfect way to convince myself i'm not doing chores at all.

today, she went around closing open machine doors and turning handles upwards, while i sat in a massage chair (an entire fifteen minutes + 3 since toots slide an extra dollar in there) day-dreaming of strong hands smoothing out tight places.  

i spoke to one of the owners. a brown skinned scorpio man with a peaceful voice and peaceful spirit. his eyes had vigor. his energy, refreshing. i smiled as he lit  up describing the vision and purpose of their venture. i saw it all, as he spoke, and the detail of this space, the positive vibes that radiates air and bounces off walls, that causes strangers to become friends the short time that they're there, made perfect sense. this is their child, a reflection of their combined beings, and it shows in beautifully settle ways. 

thus, i'm not surprised that, for the second time, my capture here rests largely on toots. an abstract play date: my child and their child get along rather well.  and anyone who knows me, knows all too well how color excites me. her eyes, those colors. i melt.

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  1. absolutely whimsical capture! and a laundry mat with massage chairs... dope!