Monday, November 12, 2012

.085 day 70

i love going to the mechanics. minus the car problems that carry me there, the people i meet are invaluable. this guy is a mechanic. name tag read "edward" but he answered to "doo-doo". first generation haitian with timeless eyes and creamy dark skin. i thought him beautiful. told him that i liked his face and asked him could i 'please, oh, please' take just a small piece of him home with me. he smiled. i warmed. "dirty pun not withstanding", i blushed. and then he uttered, in the thickest, sweetest, softest accent ever, "of course you, can, my lady"..and i think i fell in love for a whole 7 minutes.  


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    1. thank you, sir! as i am a forever fan of your work, i take your compliment to the heart, INDEED :)

  2. Oh my, this is a fantastic capture, this should be in a gallery!

    1. thank you, sis! your encourgagement is, both, needed and valued. (sometimes you meet a soul whose essence takes the photo for you...and his spirit did just that)

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    1. yes and yes. some beings are born with a touch of magic just beneath their skin...and this is how it shows itself.