Wednesday, July 10, 2013

.326 day 303

toot's natural draw to technology can be frustrating at times, but i think i've found a way to appease her aquarian curiosity (in regards to my computer): i open up a blank microsoft word page and ask her to locate different letters and numbers. ecstatic to be granted permission to the very machine i fuss at her for touching,  she claps and screams "i did it, i did it" anytime she locates her target. i am in pure bliss whenever she's excited and learning at the same time. she already knows her numbers and alphabets, but how cool will it be when she's 3 years old with an impressive typing word count under her belt? 


  1. I love her hair. I have a thing for hair. I don't know if I ever told you before.

  2. thank you. you should! all that hair your son had (i believe i saw a low-cut picture on your fb)