Friday, July 5, 2013

.331 day 298


the taylors. tippy and tooty. toots and tip. thing 1 and thing 2. 

baby-sat el's little girl, today, and watched the day's dynamics shift from calm to chaos and back again. they're besties. same name. same age (at least, for 6 months out of the year). same rebellious energy. the antics of these two, two year-old 'only child syndrome' having toddlers taught me, yet, another cliché life lesson that tends to repeat itself:

"don't sweat the small stuff | everything is small stuff" 

an aquarius and a gemini. one moment they're full of love and kissing each other's made-up "boo-boos", the very next, they're taking turns with toy-snatching and spoiled rotten, temper-tantrums. toddlers are confusing. any time i attempted to discipline one, there came the other, quickly armed to aide in their defense. by midday, i relented. threw up a proverbial white flag and let, both, the day and the duo, do whatever they pleased, until whatever they pleased tuckered them out...and all was right in the world.


toddlers and snotty noses go together like...

"see, tip, you gotta say 'cheeeeeese', like this"


  1. You are amazing. And so is your blog. I dig the way you frame the world.

    1. thank you, so very much, sis. my humble little blog is like my humble little world. tucked away and sheltered so much, that i am beyond pleasured when another soul stops by to visit awhile.

  2. You are more than welcome. I feel the same way about mine. Mostly I created the blog to leave for my son (who is now almost 16 and could probably not care less about reading my blog...but one day when he is older.) Kinda my way of saying...what had happened was... And a place I could leave my middle of the night craziness. Also, I greatly love taking pictures of things. You do it amazingly!

  3. I love little girls a lot. I still want one and ask my husband every single day.

    1. we actually were told she was going to be a boy.
      best surprise...ever.