Thursday, July 25, 2013

.341 day 318

awesome day at our favorite playground. 

on the days i actually bring my camera, my focus is normally on the children (who are still some of my favorite human subjects to shoot. older men, with lived in skin, being my fav). however, today, i found inspiration and common connections in just about everyone. truthfully, this is only a small fragment of the 100+ photos i shot in the two hours we spent there, and i'm much to drained to edit or upload any more than what you see.

(these drugs, that are supposed to be sustaining me, tend to feel like they're doing the opposite on my bad days).

because of the literary, photo book that i'm working on, i have even more reason to approach and engage random strangers, mostly elders, in even more random conversations. while there, i talked to elders who praised their age and cursed their youth, a rebellious, hindu teen who morbidly teased that she hated walking around with a target on her forehead ("i mean, it's like someone is pointing their gun at me, 24/7"), a comment that made me a bit uncomfortable and forged a friendship with an aging brown woman and her twenty-something year old grandson, who took a familiar liking to my toddler. i sat in sand boxes with rambunctious, ten year old, little people who playfully competed for me to take their picture and doubled pushed toots and a new toddler friend on the swings while her mother took rest on a near-by bench. on our way out, we ran into our new neighbors and i let toots play just a little while longer with 4 year old kevin (she rarely plays with other toddlers, oddly enough) before heading home to fix dinner. all in all, t'was a beautiful day to be alive and loving...(despite me throwing up behind a tree on the way out).

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