Thursday, October 31, 2013

.424 optical

bleh day. spent the bulk of it at the eye doctors, learning words i've never heard before and watching slides of my eye's nervous system. optic neurologist informed me of things i already knew: right eye isn't functioning as well as my left, parts of my peripheral vision has been compromised and the strain of my aneurysm is the source of the debilitating migraines that happen in and behind said eye. 

in truth, i'm more worried about trivial things as they compare and analyze...stuff.

hunger pains. my stomach is knotting and a few of the interns brought the smell of lunch in with them, tucked inside of lab coats and hanging onto hair. my nails. the thumb needs to be repainted, and as i look more intensely, i'm thinking, they all could go for a fresher coat (though painted just a day ago). my camera. i wonder how awkward the silence will be if i attempt to take a photo in here, peering through the same eye that they, themselves, are peering at. 

(i tried my luck. as it turns out, quite awkward, indeed) 

i settled for the one shot i took in the waiting room, the one shot i took when alone in the exam room and the one awkward shot i took when the doctor's back was turned (when she turned around, i quickly faced the camera to myself and  murmured "just a selfie" as an even more awkward explanation).

random cool things i learned while there:

1. canon makes the machines they use to take pictures of your eye.

2. nikon makes eye glasses.

3. every eyeball has a specific glow that can determine ones age.

4. after eyes are dilated, if one drives home and gets stopped, they'll be mistakenly viewed as being high.

5. if you find a pair of loose eyeballs, you can determine which is the left or right eye, just by the direction of the veins.
(right = shape of C | left = reversed shape of C)

aaaaaaand, you're welcome.

(cell phone shot)

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  1. Haaaa! So did the doctor turn around like "Wait...did you just take a picture of my back?"