Wednesday, February 6, 2013

.178 day 154

today was peacefully, productive. in fact...most of my days have been such, lately. i am done with the hustle and bustle of life. slow and steady lends me serenity. i awake. i stretch. fix breakfast for toots. smoothie for me. i edit. i work. i play with my daughter. i fix lunch. i clean. create. and play with my daughter. i do laundry. i nap. fix dinner. then play with my daughter. sometime in the evening, when toots is settled somewhere with her gammy, i venture out for air and supplies to keep me in my happy space (candles are always on that list. the clerks at the store tell me i have a habit). these days, because this challenge has worked in putting art back in my focus, i bring my camera for the 'just in case' moments i run into along the way. today i saw bottles on the side of my favorite tobacco store, that sells my favorite cliché incense (nag champa). i took a photo of them. and when i ran out to grab forgotten night pull-ups for toots, i pulled over to same store of favorite cliché incense and took a photo of them again. 

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